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Expired Listing?

Did you list your house with a Realtorwhy did my house expire minnesota and it did not sell?

If so, you have an expired listing.

Expired listings usually occur for one or more of the following three factors. Based on these facts, once we address why your house did not sell, I will tailor a specialized marketing plan for your home to attract a whole new pool of buyers.

I have 100% success rate selling homes that have become expired listings with previous Realtors.

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3 Reasons Why Houses Don’t Sell

    1. Bad Realtor: did not market property correctly. Part of marketing includes pricing it right. Your property may not have been priced right for its condition and location. It is important to price your home correctly. The longer the property sits on the market due to being over priced. The less attractive your home becomes to potential buyers. The extended market time makes people think there is something wrong with your home so they don’t even bother to see it. On the flip side if a property is under priced, potential buyers may also think that there is something wrong with the property. There is quite a bit of leg work that goes into spreading the word about your home, I will go the extra mile to make sure your home gets the maximum exposure to the greatest potential amount of buyers.


    1. Condition: The condition of your home versus other homes on the market can effect it’s sale-ability. Does your home have some odd unlikable feature? Is there maybe some minor changes that can be made that can effect the emotional value of your home to make people more interested to buy it? These are things that I am able to help you identify, address and cure.


  1. Location: Is your home in a high crime area, a weird corner lot or attached to a junk yard or have a railroad running through it? If so, this is one thing about the property we cannot change. It is where it is and location plays a big factor in the perceived value of a home. However there are other things that we can do to make up for this. Give me a call and we can address these.

After reading this list you may be able to identify the reason your house did not sell or it may be a combination of factors. Either way I am skilled and experienced in getting expired listings sold in a fraction of the time that it took for your listing to expire the first time. Minnesota home buyers are savvy and you need a savvy sellers agent to assist you with the sale of your home.

If you want to get that house sold, I invite you to call me now. I will come out and give you a free consultation. I will tell you exactly why your home did not sell and what we will do to get it sold. Then I will sell it and you will be happy and you can move on to the next chapter of your life.

I promise that I will do my best to make your home sale a pleasant experience!

Miyoshi Seto, Real Estate Broker

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