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When I decided to sell my home, I was in a crunch for time as I was facing a foreclosure.  I knew I had to sell the house fast, but at the same time I didn't want to take a hit and lose any money.  I was working with my older "friend of the family" Realtor who sold me the home years ago, but he was stalling and didn't seem to have the motivation to really get out there and push things like I was looking for.  I made a decision to stop dealing with my prior Realtor as Miyoshi Seto ensured me that we would be able to sell it, and fast.  While I was hopeful,  I was prepared for the worst.  When Miyoshi started listing the property she was actually physically going out and finding interested parties as well as networked with a number of other Realtors who she was in contact with.  To my delightful surprise, the house sold within 2 weeks of being on the marketplace, and I got my asking price.  I am so happy that I chose Agent Miyoshi Seto to assist in the stressful time.  She made things so much more comfortable for me, and I still don't think I could have sold it that fast if I were dealing with any other Realtors as I don't feel they have to true compassion to help people.  Thank you Miyoshi for providing me with a positive home selling experience.  I may have gotten my asking price, but the experience was priceless!
-Andrew H.
Satisfied Seller


Saint Paul, Minnesota 

We could not have asked for better service, Miyoshi has years of experience and it shows!

Saint Paul, Minnesota 

Miyoshi is the ultimate professional; she truly listened to our wants and needs and only made decisions in our best interest. Miyoshi was always available, and treated us as if we were her only clients. Miyoshi  worked around our schedule, plus always returned our emails, calls, and texts extremely quickly. We needed someone we could trust to deliver what we wanted. Miyoshi went above and beyond to make our needs a reality, including hand-delivering the offer and making difficult negotiations to serve our specific needs. We were looking for our dream home, but we also found a friend and an advocate for the rest of our lives.

Minneapolis, MN