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Become a Private Investor Partner

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Are you currently earning the return you want on your investment dollars? If not, you should be, and you can with private lending in real estate!

Why leave your money sitting in a bank or IRA when your money can be working for you!

Are you a private money investor or would like to become one?  If you would like to earn higher returns than any cd, mutual fund, bond or bank interest with more safety and security than stocks then you should consider becoming a private investor partner.

Even if you know nothing about real estate or have time to be hands on you can still be a real estate investor by backing investment projects as a private investor.

Private investing has continuously proven to be one of the best ways to earn solid returns while minimizing your risk

How does it work?

You loan money to secure real estate deals and and in return you receive a generous interest rate secured and backed by tangable assets……. real estate.  These are generally short term loans that are safe and secure using our strict business model.

At its heart, private investing is a lot like investing in a bond, which returns a fixed yield and pays off at maturity. Only it pays a lot more.

Example: If you make a six month loan for $100,000 at 10.00% interest, at interest-only payments, you will earn an income of $5,000 in six month time.

Formula = $100,000 x .10= $10,000 for a year, divided by 12 months= $834 monthly payment x 6 months (maturity date) = $5,000 in earned interest and at maturity date the original invested principal will be returned.

Being a private investor is definitely not a one size fits all.  There may be projects where you may decide  to split total profits instead of collecting  an interest rate.

Earn anywhere from 8-10% annually.



Private money lending has played a pivotal role in helping investors, buyers, and sellers in the Real Estate Industry. It has now become a major substitute to the stock market. And we can help you invest in Real Estate as a private investor without any trouble where you can get maximum benefits in the shape of huge returns.

And yes, you can invest in Real Estate with your IRA , and we can show you how.

To find out more about  becoming a private investor and learning how you can earn insured, and secured returns from your investment contact us at 651-321-3589.